Opening and Releasing Through the Hips

Hatha Yoga Workshop

Sunday 31st March 2-4pm


On the last Sunday afternoon of each month, from 2-4pm, join Gillian for an alignment-based hatha yoga workshop focusing on a particular theme, or exploring a specific part of the body. The next workshop focuses on opening and releasing through the hips.

Over 20 muscles cross the hip including the inner thigh muscles - the adductors - the outer thigh muscles - the abductors - the hip flexors in front - and more, so any movement that stretches any of these muscles can lead to a tremendous sense of release as the tendency to grip, and hold emotional tension in the hips, relaxes and let’s go. Stretching and opening through the hips is also essential to addressing and improving lower back pain as muscles that pass through the pelvis, connecting the legs to the lower spine tend to pull the spine out of alignment if not regularly stretched and released.

If you spend a lot of time sitting for work, or driving, for example, then opening through the hips can increase circulation, improve the range of motion in the joints and generate an energising feeling as long-held stagnation begins to move and a sense of flow is created through the centre of the body.

Hip-opening creates space for the birth of new openings, possibilities and pathways in our lives. As we begin to gain freedom in the body, we can more confidently give expression to our spontaneity, creativity, and physicality.

The workshop offers a series of stretches, as well as stabilising poses for the hips, many of which can easily be practiced at home to begin to regularly open and release through the hips to generate healthy patterns of moving, breathing and being.

The aim of the workshop is to lend awareness to hips, pelvis, legs and lower back alignment to aid a gentle process of self-enquiry leading to a deeper understanding not only of what is going on in the body, but also of how we use the body in our work and daily life. Reserve your place below - £20 per person.

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