Yoga Hike
to Nov 2

Yoga Hike

Open to All        £5  (All proceeds donated to Papyrus - Prevention of Youth Suicide)

On the first Saturday of each month, I lead a silent walk from the cafe benches at the front of The Mansion at Beckenham Place Park through the park and woodlands in a circular hike. In the summer months we will stop in a beautiful spot for a guided ten to fifteen-minute meditation, otherwise during the autumn and winter months we will simply walk for an hour.

Silent walking is another method for bringing attention to the regulation of the breath, quietening of the mind, and appreciation of the connection between ourselves, others and the world around us. The idea to explore is that as we remove, for a while, our constant preoccupation with vocal expression, our other senses heighten and perception/awareness deepens in often surprising ways. 

Bring your own brolly if it looks like rain.

Hot tea, and a chance to chat again, at the cafe when we return after an hour. 

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